Coutinho to make a public anti-Liverpool statement

Coutinho to make a public anti-Liverpool statementCoutinho to make a public anti-Liverpool statement

After Philippe Coutinho’s move from Liverpool never got off the ground with Jurgen Klopp refusing

to countenance any deal, there are now reports that they have changed their top transfer target in a bid to spend their Neymar money before the window closes.

France Football claims that Chelsea midfielder Willian is their new target, but Barcelona is surely not going to have any more success there. Willian is more important than ever for Chelsea, and Antonio Conte will probably explode if another member of his first-team squad is sold without players coming in.

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The report says that Barcelona officials are in contact with Willian, but would he even be a good signing for them? He’s 29 and has a contract to 2020. It would have to be a sodding large bid.


However, the Coutinho saga isn’t quite over just yet. Sorry, we wish it was too.

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Yahoo Sports claim that Coutinho will make a public statement to voice his disapproval at how Liverpool’s owners and manager have handled Barcelona’s interest. Basically, he’s about to passive aggressively throw his toys out of the pram.

“Coutinho is willing to say that Liverpool is making his life miserable and that he wants to leave,” Yahoo quotes a source close to Coutinho as saying. “He has been very patient, but at the end of the day it is his option as a player to leave the club – and he wants to do exactly that.”

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He’s going to kick himself when he realizes that it was him who signed the contract that keeps him at Anfield

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