How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Account

How To Recover A Disabled Facebook AccountHow To Recover A Disabled Facebook Account

Do you want to recover your Facebook account disabled?, Then you are in the right place. Yes in this article I will share easy trick and work to recover your disabled Facebook account. Nowadays many of Facebook users are facing this problem, their Facebook account automatically disabled by Facebook.

There are many reasons to disable the Facebook account. There are a lot of fake accounts created by some people on Facebook, so Facebook increased its security and because many real accounts are also disabled by Facebook. But do not bother if you are using your real name on Facebook, and your account has been disabled, then you can easily recover your account by sending an appeal to Facebook and if you do not know how to send a request to Facebook, then read carefully Article in which I am going to Share tutorial step by step How to recover your Facebook account disabled.

Trick to recover your Facebook account

Facebook, one of the popular social networking websites in the world. Most people use Facebook to chat with their family and friends. Sometimes Facebook disables our account due to many reasons. Some people use Fake Name in their account and perform activities that are against Facebook Policies. If you have done something like this, then you can not recover your account, i.e., your account is permanently disabled. But if you have not done any activity that is against Facebook policies, your account has been temporarily disabled, and your account can easily be recovered. All you have to do is, follow the steps above and recover the disabled Facebook account easily.

Sometimes, when we check our Facebook account, the “Account disabled” page is displayed. And we will start searching in google to recover the Facebook account disabled. After searching, we found only a single method to recover the disabled Facebook account, i.e., the account caller ID request disabled. With this method, you can easily recover your disabled Facebook account in simple steps. In the section below I will share the complete procedure to appeal and recover the temporarily disabled Facebook account.

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How to recover a disabled facebook account?

If you think that Facebook permanently disables your account, then, you are wrong. Sometimes Facebook Disable your account for some security purposes. So do not worry, you can easily recover your account. Now surely a question that pops in your mind that is “How can I check that my account is permanently disabled or is temporarily disabled”? OK !! Let me first clarify the difference between permanently and temporarily disabled a Facebook account. If your account is temporarily disabled, each time you sign into your Facebook account, it is shown that your account is disabled and in this situation you can easily return your account by following the steps below.

Here are some of the reasons that disable/block your account:

  • Using Fake Name in Facebook Profile
  • Publish and share content that violated Facebook policies.
  • Using stylish fonts in the profile name

If you have done something similar to the above, your account is temporarily disabled, and you can easily recover the temporarily disabled Facebook account.

If you are trying to log in and are showing that your account is permanently disabled, then forget your account and say goodbye to it because it is impossible to recover the permanently disable an account. Your account will be permanently disabled at any time when you post Content that violated Facebook Terms and Policies over and over again. And in this case, you can not recover your account under any conditions.

Now the question is “How to temporarily disable disabled Facebook account”? It is too easy to recover the Facebook account disabled. The only thing you have to do is, send Facebook id appeal and within a few days, you will receive Facebook Response that your account has been reactivated again if you have not violated Facebook policies. To reactivate the Facebook account disabled Follow these simple steps.

Requirements to reactivate disabled Facebook account:

Here are some simple requirements that you must follow before trying the next steps. Do not worry these are too simple, if you have your own Facebook account, then you can easily meet these requirements. Let’s go out.

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  • Facebook account disabled.
  • Full details related to your account.
  • Valid original Govt. Identification Test
  • Android or PC
  • Little brain (hope you have )
    If you can meet these requirements, then you are ready to recover your account. Below are the complete steps of “How to recover your Facebook account disabled.” We are going to remove the tutorial for which you are waiting.

    Steps to recover Facebook account disabled: –

  1. First of all Below the URL in your browser.
  2. Now enter your data as Name (current name of the Facebook profile), Registered email and attach a valid Govt. Test ID that has DOB and similar name to your Facebook account.

Govt. ID tests that Facebook supports (Valid):

  • Voter ID Card
  • Green card
  • Birth certificate
  • Vehicle Insurance Card
  • Personal or Vehicle Insurance Card
  • Marriage certificate and another
    For those who do not have any ID’s up and down 18:
  • Credit, debit, Visa and all types of bank cards.
  • School ID Card
  • Useful Papers
  • Bus card

Now check again your information that you mentioned correctly or not and finally click on the Submit button.

Your form has been successfully submitted for review and will display the final message.

Now you recover-id disabled The appeal has been successfully sent you will get the answer From Facebook within 2-3 days. It is not confirmed that your account will likely be recovered after you submit an appeal to Facebook, but if your profile name and details are legal and you have not violated Facebook terms, your account will surely recover within 3-4 days after To File an Appeal to Facebook

Where can I get a response from Facebook – Now I think this question appears in your mind. You will receive Facebook Response at the email address you registered with your account. You will get a Facebook reply within 3-4 days so keep checking your mailbox in short time interval.

Always remember: do not try to send appeal over and over again your account will never be recovered if you try to spam on Facebook. It only addresses an appeal once and waits for the response from Facebook. You will get Facebook Response within 3-4 days.

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If you try to send incorrect data, wrong Gvt or duplicate. Proof of identification then your account will be permanently banned by Facebook. So do not try to trick them and attach a valid Govt. Test ID and wait for a Facebook response.

How to recover the Facebook account permanently disabled?

If your account is permanently disabled, then it is not possible to get it back. When you violate the terms of Facebook and Facebook disable your account permanently. And in that case, you can not recover your account. But you can follow the steps above and try your luck. I will suggest that you create a new Facebook account. Do not waste your time trying to recover your account.


Final verdict:

This is our article today on “How to recover the disabled Facebook account.” This is a simple trick to recover your account. All you need is Original Govt. ID Proof, Account Details, and you can simply recover your account disabled. If your account is permanently disabled, do not try to send an appeal because you can not recover the permanently disabled Facebook account. You need to present your Govt. Test ID with some details and wait for a response. I will get a Facebook response within 2-3 days, and your account will be recovered. Not sure that your account will recover, but I hope you have your account. In most cases, many users recover their account, but some of them did not recover their account. If you have entered all the details and Govt ID Test correctly then you will surely recover your account.

If you are getting any problems while submitting the appeal then or if you have any questions related to this article/post then, feel free to comment below I will try my best to recover your Facebook account and resolve your problem. Keep visiting our website for more tips and tricks related to Facebook.

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