How To Transfer Data From Your Android Device To iPhone

How To Transfer Data From Your Android Device To iPhoneHow To Transfer Data From Your Android Device To iPhone

Transferring files from iOS to Android has not yet become an easy task. The two systems use different platforms to operate, and the connection of the two has been a problem from the beginning. AnyTrans has already scored as an iPhone manager, which also professional level and now with its data transfer mechanism; is here to make your presence felt. You have now introduced a new feature that is free to download and easy to use.

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AnyTrans Review

AnyTrans allows you to transfer data from your Android to iPhone and manage iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes and iCloud content. Although AnyTrans has already proven itself to be a professional manager for iPhones, it has something new to offer its customers. With its new feature, iOS move, you can transfer files from Android devices to your iOS devices. This was not easy before since iTunes and Android did not gel well, and it’s hard to transfer files. The best part is that this iOS engine feature is free to use in the latest version. All you need is two devices, one of them is android, and another is iOS. Connect them to your PC, run the software, and you are ready.

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Move your data from Android to iPhone

Once you download the app to your Android device, you’ll get several options. You have to download your iTunes driver to complete the task of transferring the data. The process is not difficult to understand. This comes with a paid and free version, and for the full version, you will get all the necessary features. Now there are different heads in the window namely iTunes library for songs, backup manager, device manager, iOS engine, iCloud manager, and media downloader. However, iOS Mover is completely free for all versions. If you have not yet downloaded the software, you can do it just for the sake of it.

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