Pretty Nigerian Lady Advises Men In Relationships Who Act Single


A pretty user identified as Amanda Secondus (@goodwoman_), has taken to the social networking platform to share her opinions on relationships and why ladies should never feel bad about demanding for accountability from their man.

Relationships are mostly known to come with its fair share of problems, from infidelity to coping with the flaws of one’s partner, most ladies complain about their spouses cheating and acting non-committal to the relationships. While others would rather suffer in silence, this is not the same for amanda.

Amanda revealed her stance on such relationships and according to her, if you cannot be accountable to your partner, there is really no need to still be in the relationship with them.

She wrote: “Please if you’re in a relationship. You should know you’re accountable to your partner. Stop doing things on your own. Don’t switch off your phone then come back like nothing happened. Stop acting single! If you’re not ready to answer to your partner, please stay single.”

“Ladies, don’t ever let your man make you look crazy or turn you into a mad woman for wanting to know where he’s been,why he wasn’t picking his calls, why his phone was off or who he’s been with. It’s your right to know. You’re not a NAG.”



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