Breaking News!! 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Chile

The quake struck beneath central Chile coast. According to reports, It was a 6.4 located at 35 kms West of Punitaqui (412 kms north of Santiago).

Fortunately, there are no reports of damage and no Tsunami alert.

Some social media users have taken to Twitter to talk about it. One Twitter user said it is so minimal, it is not worth talking about.

@pepitonuggs tweeted: “6.4 earthquake in Chile and my dad sends me a message.. ‘i didn’t even feel it’.”

He adds: “If its not over 7.5 then it’s not worth mentioning.”



CAT News tweeted:

“strong, but deep #earthquake near #Coquimbo, #Chile, also felt in #Santiago, modelled during #EGU2018.”

Earthquakes and tremors are quite common in Chile. However, Chile has one of the best seismic proof buildings of the world.

More tweets below.

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