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2019: Dogara defects, picks PDP form

2019: Dogara defects, picks PDP form

The Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara has finally defected from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Yakubu Dogara also picked the PDP nomination and expression of interest forms on Wednesday night, to return to the House in 2019. Confirming the defection, a member of the PDP National Working Committee said;

“Yes, he had picked our forms, but don’t quote me, he has joined us,” the source said last night.

The defection move came shortly after Yakubu Dogara expressed his desire to return to the National Assembly in 2019, when members of his constituents visited him in Abuja. He had also revealed why and what lured him into politics, adding that he was never interested in it.

“It will surprise you to know tht it wasn’t entirely a deliberate choice on my part to go into politics. I was never interested in it. As a matter of fact, I hated politics with a passion because of the betrayal and backstabbing involved.

I’d already cut my teeth in the private sector, comfortable in my skin about the future having made some investments that were beginning to yield tangible returns. With that in mind, I thought I needed no career in politics, because of my belief then that those who had a chance of making it in other endeavours shouldn’t have anything to do with politics. Therefore, I had zero interest in politics, generally, much less running for an elective position”, he said.

On his plans after the end of his tenure as a speaker, Yakubu Dogara disclosed that he has lost interest in planning the next phase of his life.

“I’ve lost interest in planning the next phase of my life. Therefore, my answer to your question is very simple: my training brings me a lot of opportunities for service. When I am done with speakership, I will weigh the opportunities available to me for service and the one that will result in maximum impact on others is the one that I will embrace without equivocation. It is not about what I want to do, but how can I deploy my talents and gifts in ways that will have maximum impact on others. I have no other plan” he said.

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