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Nigerian pastor vomits ‘miracle money’ during church service (Watch Video)

A Nigerian Pastor whose name was given as Prophet Anointed CFM, stunned all during his church service on Sunday, after he vomited ‘miracle money’.

The Nigerian Pastor reportedly vomited the ‘miracle money’ at his church located in Limpopo, South Africa. Taking to Facebook to confirm the report, the Pastor claimed it is not magic but power he wrote;

Can I prophesy?

Ignore this PROPHECY if you don’t believe in miracles.

Right in the service today money was coming out from my mouth like water.

You may not believe it until you see the video tomorrow.

I serve the God that does not allow money to embarrass his children.

Who want to embarrass you because of money?

Is it money for!

House Rent
School fees
Shop rent
Debt fees
For shopping
Marriage fee
Business capital
Traveling capital
Car purchase

What do you need money for?

If I be the prophet of the most high God, this week receive that money in abundance if you Type Amen and share this post.



Limpopo is beginning to respond to power, second Sunday and multitude of people are coming in already.

Glory be to God.

See you next Sunday here in Limpopo, Seshego Plaza Campus Seshego G Opposite Police Station 12 pm. Let’s take this land.

Prophet VOMITED real money in church last Sunday. Watch and share.

Come and receive yours this Sunday behind Seshego Plaza, Seshego G Zone 7

This power not magic.

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