Snake frightens travelers at airport departure lounge

Some guests at an airport departure lounge in the Philippines were shocked to find asnakeslithering through the area as they waited to board their flights.

Passengers waiting at the Daniel Z Romualdez Airport were confronted by the reptile in the airport’s main terminal.

The snake, a black rat snake – sparked panic in the travelers passing through the terminal, the Independent reports.

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Though the type of snake is not venomous, it was still alarming to see it winding under seats and across the floor.

Airport security used a long pole to trap the snake before putting it into a bag. The snake was reportedly released back into the wild.

”The snake was also not harmed and it’s now safe. We don’t know how it got past security.. And it was not even certain if it was dropped at the airport departure lounge by a pranking passenger

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”There was a bit of commotion but it settled down and no planes were affected. There was no danger to any passengers,” an airport official said in a comment to the Independent.

The management of the airport has released a statement in that respect and assured passengers using the airport of their safety.

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