How to Enable Jetpack’s Widget Visibilty, if it’s Off


jetpackHow to Enable Jetpack’s Widget Visibilty, if it’s Off

As mentioned above. Jetpack recently made this feature always-on, so it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself needing to explicitly turn it on. But I did, so here’s what I learned:

  1. You’ll want to make sure Jetpack is installed and activated. If it’s not, do that first.
  2. Go to “Jetpack > Settings”.
  3. None of the default panels seem to show this feature, as of this writing. But  you can find it—you’ll first click the magnifying glass at the right of the central “page” bar. This is the search field.
  4. Type “widget visibility” into the newly-exposted search field. Hit enter (if it doesn’t auto-search because you’re too fast).
  5. You’ll see at the top a little row like this:
  6. Click “Activate” on that row.
  7. You’re set!!

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