Man shares experience with taxi driver who has urge to jump into Lagoon

Man shares experience with taxi driver who has urge to jump into Lagoon

Nigerian writer, Jude Idada shared his experience of a terrifying moment he had on board a Taxi where the taxi driver shared with him his suicidal plans.

According to Jude, as they drove along the Third Mainland Bridge, the driver looked over at the water beneath and revealed that he hates journeying past the bridge because the water calls him and promises to end his problems.

He said:

That is why I hate taking trips across the bridge. Every day that water calls out to me. It tells me that it can end all my pain. I just want to park the car, get out and just jump into it.

But, he said thoughts of his kids and how they will cope when he’s gone is what keeps him from answering the call.

But then I think of my children. It is not their fault that they were born into such suffering. If I die now, what will happen to them?

Even if any man marries my wife, will he raise my children like I would have raised them?

I tell you, death is a seductress. It tells you that it can take away your pain in an instant. It tells you that when you land in that water you will not drown, once you slam into that water, it is like slamming into concrete. You will die instantly. Just like that everything will end.

But will it truly end? Is that the solution? Will I be able to rest easy in death if I know that the children I have brought into this world are alive and suffering?

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