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Uber driver calls out singer, Duncan Mighty over debt

Uber driver calls out singer, Duncan Mighty over debt

An Uber driver identified as, Victor Ogbogu, called out popular singer, Duncan Mighty over debt, after he allegedly refused to pay for his fare.

Victor Ogbogu took to popular social media platform, Twitter, to reveal that Duncan Mighty has been owing him for two weeks now, after he promised to transfer him. He wrote;

I’m an Uber driver and 2 weeks ago I picked up the big star Duncan Mighty at The Harvest on admiralty Way Lekki. I dropped him at the airport, he was in a hurry and he asked me to send my acc details to him, I did and he never credited me

I called and text but he never responded


Moments after making the post, Victor Ogbogu, then revealed that Duncan just made the payment, stating that the singer might have been too busy since. He wrote;

@THEAWAZI pls thank you so much, after the tweet, 15mins later he (Duncan Mighty) text me back and he has paid me. So apparently he was so busy and he forgot??


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