Nigerians Secretly Withdrawing Their MMM Frozen Mavro | Autogists

Nigerians Secretly Withdrawing Their MMM Frozen Mavro

Nigerians Secretly Withdrawing Their MMM Frozen Mavro

Nigerians Secretly Withdrawing Their MMM Frozen Mavro

Nigerians Secretly Withdrawing Their MMM Frozen Mavro

In order to avoid joy spoilers, Nigerians has decided to lay-low as they are secretly getting back the money they lost in MMM, but for how long will it remain secret.

Just like yesterday when millions of participants lost billions of dollars in a popular peer to peer donation system called MMM(Mavrodi Mondial Movement). The movement of this defunct MMM ended worldwide in 2018 after the demise of its founder Sergei Mavrodi.

This left all its participants devastated and hopeless, some Top guiders were hunted by participants while some participants committed suicide. As bad as the situation may seems to be, loyal participants that believed so much in the movement were still hoping for better days to come. Few months after the whole tragedy, a new financial aid and donation exchange system spring up, called Green Mavro Global (GMG), this new donation system (GMG) was created by a group of the defunct MMM participants and guiders with the aim to actualize the dream of Sergei Mavrodi.

GMG was built on the blueprints of Sergei Mavrodi’s tenets. They claimed to have analyzed the shortcomings of the defunct MMM and they have put in place measures to curb most of it flaws,

GMG also promised to pay back defunct MMM Frozen Mavro (money participants lost in the defunct MMM).

Before the lunch of GMG in September 2018, the Head Admin GMG (Jane Albury) in a Statement on GMG official Telegram Channel on 29 July, 2018 announces the official lunching date of the system. The statement reads,

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible” Audrey Hepburn.

After Green Mavro Global was conceived, impossibility was never adhered to by able MMM Participants and other brave and selfless individuals who placed their lives on hold in the pursuance of this noble venture of financial freedom for all. With their ingenuity, they had volunteers to form eight very indubitable departments such as the Online Consultants that chat with participants visiting of website and aid them in the registration process and also supply them with fervent information about happenings on Green Mavro Global.

This department together with other outstanding departments such as the Support Department which respond promptly to grievances and challenges of members, Mentors Department that run the Green Mavro Global Guiders’ School of which the first batch commenced on 17th June, 2018 and the second batch on 1st July, 2018, enriching our community with fully baked guiders. Also, defunct MMM Guiders were verified to be GMG Guiders on 28th May 2018.
Together with, other departments have beaten all odds and stood by possibilities always to attain this enviable height.

Green Mavro Global Community is now ready in all aspects and therefore, we are highly indebted to the wonderful members of this community for their selfless support, marvelous constructive criticisms and impeccable contributions did all of this together and It’s a great achievement. We are pleased and honoured for giving us the opportunity to be part of your life. Life is always seen to be well lived if it is able to make an impact on others and we at Green Mavro Community believes that one of the greatest resources that will make one achieve the dream of living a fulfilled life is attaining financial freedom which is our hallmark.
Green Mavro Community as we have always emphasized, is a community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other, a Global Fund of mutual aid. This is the springing of something new in the modern, bleak and callous world of greed and hard cash. The goal here is not the money. The goal is to destroy the world’s unjust financial system of which the community is prepared in all aspects to achieve this goal. In as much as a goal is not achieved through magic, We are now ready and fortified to endure every sweat, beat all determined marks, implement all perfect plans, exhibit the great lessons learnt from failures, portray the highest level of transparency and loyalty ever, work better than what hard work even demands, be persistent and dedicated towards all these passionate roadmap to the sustainability and success of this community.

Green Mavro Community is launching on 1st September 2018. Before the said date, we want you community members to know how impressive your support and believe in the community as well as your patience and passion for the things of the community helped in keeping us motivated and enabled us in building a formidable system which has gone through all possible proper scrutiny and made of quality to pass the test of time. You have been so helpful that we have ardently come to the consciousness that the only limit to the height of our achievement of financial freedom for members of this community is the reach of our dreams and our willingness to work for them.

Since the conception of the ideology and formation of this wonderful community, we have worked vehemently and tirelessly and are pleased to inform you the members of this community that all these sacrifices have yielded very pleasant results. These sacrifices we all made is worth it because we finally have to the credit of this community a system which will be full of life and ready to dispense immense amount of hope and put smiles on faces of members as well as joy for their sweat. Our sleepless nights has yielded results, and given us the hope we all wanted, the success we all dreamt and the dream is ultimately a reality.

We will therefore admonish all members of this community to keep believing and having hope in the community. Having a dream is different from drawing plans for the realization of the dream and also different from implementing the drawn plans. The plan has been implemented and it is working to perfection. Members of this community should walk in all boldness without any iota of fear or thought because the system that has been developed by the community is great one. Green Mavro Community is launching as typed earlier on 1st September 18:00GMT and we believe that this great milestone achievement will boost members to go all out and preach this financial freedom message to all who have not head so that they join the Train.

Good luck and we wish you many glorious alert days.”

The community stood by its words, GMG was launched as promised, participants were able to Provide Help and Get Help respectively and participants of the defunct MMM got their frozen mavro defrosted(money lost in MMM). GMG said to have paid out over Two Hundred Thousand dollars (200,000$) since it launch on 1st September 2018 and the community pays 15 to 20 millions naira daily.

GMG sounded like a cacophony to detractors until they took time to see structures and sustainability measures set up by the hard working community who went months without pay just to see the dream realized.

The support given to the system by participants was worth emulating and commending.
After GMG launch, there has been a number of successes that has been chalked, which includes the following:

Upon launch, the community had about 10,000 pre-registered participants and still growing.
The first month of saw GMG accumulate the total donation of as over Sixteen Million Naira (₦16,000,000) confirmed by participants.

GMG has had five (7) Guider school sessions to train leaders of the community. This way, new members are recruited into the community and leaders are available to instruct members when needed.

The admins were pleasant to observe that the community develop consistently and getting new members day after day. The community’s worldwide numbers is growing, the community get more united and participants getting kinder as they are gaining more confidence in the GMG,

GMG introduced BTC pairing on 5th November, 2018 to enable participants worldwide become a part of the community and it was accepted globally, participants from India, Brazil, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Germany, South Africa and many more are already given testimonies.

It became a trend during the era of the defunct MMM for Admin, CRO and the entire community to go on a Christmas break but at GMG, the admins promised participants that there will be no break during the month of December, an unprecedented incident most detractors doubted but today GMG is still active with participants providing and getting help with careless abandon. Green Mavro Global (GMG) said it and they keep to their promise.

For more info on how to participate as ordinary participant or become a guider, visit

Official telegram page:



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