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Olamide Not Recognized In Music Industry?

Olamide Not Recognized In Music Industry?

Olamide Not Recognized In Music Industry?

Olamide Not Recognized In Music Industry?

One of the popular star artistes with albums, both featured and singles, Olamide Adedeji, known as Olamide but called BaddoSneh, has recently being blasted on social media, compared him with other star artistes, basically because its being long he dropped albums and won awards.

However, his fans have being repping him to not be attacked as many tweeted

“9years in this Music Industry, 9 albums, More than 20 hits, Owner of one of the best Record Label, discovered more than 6 Stars, still discovering more and he doesn’t BRAG about it. If you still don’t believe Olamide is a LEGEND then you need medical attention. God bless Baddo”.

“The disrespect on this app is getting too much I swear… Olamide gives us at least two(2) hits Every year… Between 2011 and 2018 Olamide has given us 9 albums including 2kings album with phyno… Olamide is a legend I don’t care what anybody says…”.

“Olamide Badoo is the best indigenous rapper in Nigeria, we closed this argument since 2014, he sits and eat on this table alone, no one comes close”.

“Olamide is the King of the Streets. He paved the way for people like Naira Marley & Zlatan. Hell we knew Zlatan Cos of Olamide with that “My Body” song then, Davido danced to it too. Olamide started this trend of bringing danced from the street to the limelight”.

On the contrary, many insisted that Olamide is no more recognized in the industry, as many up-rising artistes have taken over him, which has led to his loose of fans due to his recent unproductivit. They lamented;

“Rema is better than Olamide who has been consistent for 8years, won nearly 30 awards, the Greatest Indigenous Rapper ever, the Lord of Street Hop with over 50 Hit Songs. When Olamide was dropping Bars on Yung Erikina, Rema was still drinking Cerelac ffs”.

“Only tiwa and burna re debatable for now

Olamide is a beast! Hits every 6months for about 8years.7 albums”.”

However, as fans and haters await for Olamide’s reaction over the debate of who is best or not, more reactions pop in and Olamide continues to trend on Twitter.

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