Check Out What Laycon And Nengi Did Today That Will Hurt Ozo More

Check Out What Laycon And Nengi Did Today That Will Hurt Ozo More

Check Out What Laycon And Nengi Did Today That Will Hurt Ozo More

Check Out What Laycon And Nengi Did Today That Will Hurt Ozo More

Today is the end of this show and the finalists can’t wait to go to the stage tonight and know who the winner is. Last night was so much fun for some of the housemates but Nengi had a very bad day because of how she felt Ozo and some of the housemates treated her at the party.

She danced as usual with Laycon at the party but all of a sudden when the party ended, she was seen crying bitterly because of Ozo. She complained to Laycon that Ozo Ignored her and she never thought Ozo can do a thing like that to her. She said that even if the other housemates ignored her, she never expected Ozo to ignore her too.

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She cried so much because of that and Laycon was the only housemate that stood by her all through the night consoling her. They told her to forget that for the evicted housemates that ignored her when she tried to greet them are jealous of her beauty and jealous of her making it to top five.

Both Laycon and Neo encouraged her to stop crying because Ozo may have done that based on an instruction from big brother or it may not be intentional. She still maintained that Ozo did that intentional and she will not talk to him again because of the.

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This afternoon, Dorathy, Vee and Neo had their lunch and Laycon didn’t join them to eat. Nengi prepared spaghetti and beef just for herself and Laycon. She even wanted Laycon to come and cook the spaghetti with her but laycon was busy packing when she was cooking.

When the food was ready, she did not dish Laycons own separately for him rather she put it in the same plate and they eat together just the same way she use to eat with Ozo before he was evicted.

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Nengi also washed Laycons hair today at the saloon. I think today is the first day Laycon washed his hair at the saloon and it was Nengi that encouraged him to to do so. I believe this new development will make ozo to feel bad more.

What do you think about Nengi and Laycon? Do you think they can continue this friendship after today or it’s just for the show? Share with us what you think. Follow this page to get more entertainment gist, like and share with friends.

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